The Planning Process

There are many requirements that go into creating your perfect home
and we will walk you through the entire process.

1. Feature and Contour Survey

This is performed by a licensed surveyor and you will be supplied with a certified report.

3. Planning Drawings

These will include 2 external elevations, floor plans, square meterage, window and door openings and boundary setbacks.

2. Concept Plan by Architect

You will need to know the approximate budget for your new home and an idea of how you would like everything laid out.

4. Planning Approval

Planning drawings are then lodged with the local shire for approval, which is required before any further steps can be completed.

5. Working Drawings

Once planning approval has been received, the architect can convert the planning drawings into fully dimensioned working drawings + provide the Energy efficiency reports.

7. Engineering Drawings

Once the Working drawings and the Geotechnical reports are completed, they need to be sent to an engineer to complete the engineering drawings.

6. Soil Testing

Geotechnical tests are required to be completed to confirm soil classification. Auscon Builders will organise the tests and help you interpret the results.

8. Quoting

With Working and Engineering drawings now in hand and Geotechnical classification confirmed, your new home or renovation is ready for accurate quoting.


When building a new home, any existing structures can be removed at any time during the planning process, however when renovating this would occur only after building licence approval.

Building Permit with the Shire

This final stage is where all the above documentation is lodged with the local shire to acquire approval to commence construction.

Deployment & Support

Going on to deliver a 10/10 building experience for you!.


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